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With freight in motion, cargo claims are a normal part of business.  No matter how efficient and effective an operation, human error, accidents, and even criminal activity, mean that risks and claims can never be fully eliminated.  What happens after a loss is what can set the stage for successful claims resolution. This is where ISB Cargo Claims, a specialized company focused on commercial cargo claim management and recovery, can help.  We offer freight claim expertise for U.S. and Canadian-based companies in dealing with their over-the-road cargo claims.
Cargo claim management services tailored to meet your needs:
Full Service Cargo Claims Management
managementWith our full-service option, we take care of your entire cargo claim process.  We handle everything, from start to finish.
Support, Development & Training
trainingIf establishing an in-house claims team is your plan, we can provide expert advice, assistance, and coaching until the in-house-team is independently empowered, and functional.
Post Audit Claim Service
knowledgeNot all claims are recoverable however you may be surprised at how many claim declinations we can reverse by applying our knowledge of claim regulations.

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Managing cargo claims can be challenging, time consuming and costly, both administratively and in terms of successful claims ratios.  Cargo claims can adversely impact productivity and profitability.  Their professional and successful management are vital to the health of your organization.  At ISB Cargo Claims, our aim is to remove the burden and anxiety of cargo claims processing and management, and all the resources, skills, and training that go with them, from our clients.  We provide our clients with experienced cargo claims professionals to handle this area of their business – for overall improved results, cost efficiencies, and peace of mind.
Let your organization’s people focus on their core business tasks, while we focus on ours:
processing and managing your cargo claims.
Additional benefits to outsourcing your cargo claims to ISB Cargo Claims:

  • Minimal, if any, development/set-up costs for claims system/software;
  • Helps overcome any peaks in workflow due to periodical/seasonal overload, staff shortages and so on;
  • Having a third party claims provider deal with your claims business relations helps safeguard key commercial relationships
  • Increased recoveries;
  • Shorter resolution times;
  • Email updates when claim status changes.

We give you access to:

  • Experienced cargo claims capability, without the cost and time involved in developing them in-house;
  • Wider industry knowledge, including U.S. and Canadian claim regulations;
  • Claim reports tailored and scheduled to suit your company’s needs.
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