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ISB Cargo Claim Co offers a number of cargo claim management services tailored to meet your needs

Full Service Cargo Claims Management:

With our full-service option, we take care of your entire cargo claim process.  We handle everything, from start to finish, including claim filing, regular proactive follow up on claim status to resolve them within a timely manner, payment collection, reporting back to you with claim determination, claims advice to reduce future claim incidents and/or increase claim success probabilities, and claim statistical reporting.


Support, Development & Training of your In-House Team:

We can help establish, develop, grow or support an in-house claims team through online, telephone, or face-to-face guidance and assistance.

If establishing an in-house claims team is your plan, we can provide expert advice, assistance, and coaching until the in-house-team is independently empowered, and functional.  On-site consultation can be arranged.  Once you are operational, we can provide you with access to a Web Based Freight Claim Management System which will allow you to manage your claims effectively and efficiently.

online cargo claims

Industry Leading Online Cargo Management Software

We can provide you access to state-of the-art, cloud-based, freight claim management software which we use to manage our clients’ claims.  If your company already has a professional, expert, claims department that you are happy with, and all you are looking for is to step up your process with the most state-of the-art freight claim software, then we can help you do that with software that is designed to simplify the entire work flow process, from data entry and information processing to carrier claim payments. All the tools are provided, from freight claim notification, tracking, search capabilities, claim presentation, multiple reporting tools, and database to track trends in your claims data. No more management of claims on excel spreadsheets!  Your company’s claims will be accessible to you 24/7, from anywhere in the world with internet access. Fees are competitive, and even available on a per claim basis.  Interested in a detailed walkthrough? Contact us and we'll be happy to schedule a one-on-one demo.


Complimentary Post Audit Claim Service:

Not all claims are recoverable however you may be surprised at how many claim declinations we can reverse by applying our knowledge of claim regulations. With our Post Audit Claim Service, we will review your declined and/or partially-paid claims and, if applicable, reopen and resubmit the claim on your behalf.   Likewise, for previously unclaimed cargo claim losses.  Our Post Audit Claim Service is billed on a commission-only basis, so you only pay on realized recoveries.

Who We Help.

Claimant the party who has legal title to the goods, this may be he shipper, the consignee, or a third party.

3PLs (Freight Brokers)  facilitating and managing claims between the Freight Brokers’ customers and the underlying Carriers.

Carriers — review, examine, and resolve carrier’s incoming claims, as well as offering claims prevention training and/or advice.

By familiarizing ourselves with the unique claim needs of each of our valued customers, where every claim will be handled in an appropriate and timely manner, we strive to build long-term relationships through our highly personal service.

For free expert, confidential and no obligation advice, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us today.

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