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Common questions about Cargo Claims and how we can help.


Who may file a loss and damage cargo claim?

The party who has title to the goods may file a claim, this may be he shipper, the consignee, or a third party.

How will your company manage our cargo claims?

With each claim notification submitted by your company to ours, we will respond quickly with a claim acknowledgment, and a request for the specific claim information and documents that we may need from you to proceed with the claim filing.  With our full service option, we will assign an individual or a team to manage your cargo claims from time of filing to resolution.  We will file and collect your loss and damage claims, provide freight claims management and freight claims reporting.

If at any time you have any claim file questions, we will respond quickly.

What is the advantage of outsourcing our cargo claims to ISB Cargo Claims?

Many companies have inefficient and outdated claim management processes, inadequately trained staff who lack the knowledgeable and experienced to deal with cargo claims,  and as a consequence, their claims are not always properly filed, monitored, and resolved.  They may view cargo claims as one big headache, taking them away from their other business priorities.  As a result, they may be leaving large sums of money on the table, unclaimed and/or unresolved.

ISB Cargo Claims specialized in cargo claims, that’s all we do.  We have the skills, expertise, and technology to handle your claims efficiently, at lower costs, and with superior overall results.

What technology do you use?

We use a state of the art web-based claim management system rather than a manual system to file claims. This allows us to process claims quickly and efficiently, and provide you with overall claim processing and management savings. Our system also provides us with data-mining capabilities that allows us to provide you with custom-tailored reports.

Will your company provide us with cargo claims guidance and advice from the outset of a cargo claim matter/situation?

Yes, as soon as you notify us of a claim matter, we will respond accordingly.  If there are any immediate steps to be taken by your company, we will advise.  If you have any questions concerning a given situation, we will provide our suggestions.

Are claim regulations for U.S. origin shipments different form Canadian-origin ones?

Yes, cargo claim regulations differ in both countries.  Our team is well versed in handling claims originating from either side of the border.

We have previously denied cargo claims. Can you review them to check if the claim denials are legitimate?

Yes, we can review previously denied claims if they are within 2 years of the written denial date.  If we believe that the decision can be overturned, we will file a request for appeal.  There is no charge to you company for this service unless the decision is overturned.  Fees are on a commission only basis, applicable only if we recover additional funds.

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